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Our People



Board of Directors   Team Members

Ms. Judtih YU

  Working Team: Dr. Paul YAO
        Ms. Eudora CHAN
Vice Chairman:

Dr. Moses MC CHENG

Members: Mr. Hay Lap TAI      
  Mrs. Amy CHAN      
  Dr. Benjamin CY WONG      
  Dr. Stanley SM HO      
  Mr. Steven TK YUNG      
  Mr. CHAN Sai Chung      


Permanent Honorary Consultant:
Dr. CHOI Yuen Wan (MD, JP, SBS), Former Chairman of Hong Kong Quality Mentorship Network, Former Vice-Chairman of Child Development Matching Fund, and founder of the Breakthrough organization
Honorary Partner: 

Honorary Legal Consultant: P.C. Woo & Co.

Honorary Auditor: Shine Wing(Hong Kong) Certified Public Accountants Limited


Our Core Professional Team:

QMN gathers brilliant scholars, curriculum design specialists, mentorship programme designers and consultants to provide professional support and developmental strategies. Our core professional team members are as follows:  

·  Dr. Yao Kin Hing Paul (DSW, AFHKPCA) ,Executive Director, Hong Kong Quality Mentorship Network Limited.

·  Miss. Eudora Chan (MAP, RP(HKPS), PgDE), Director of Education and Youth Development of the Hong Kong Quality Mentorship Network Limited.

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